What is TI- Taiwan? 
Transparency International’s National Chapter in Taiwan(TI-Chinese Taipei, TICT)was established on 28th September, 2002. As an accredited national chapter, TICT has built a well-known reputation for connecting anti-corruption networks in Taiwan. TICT not only seeks to raise awareness about and lower the public’s tolerance towards corruption, it devises and implements practical actions to curb corruption in all aspects of the civil society. In order to create a culture of transparency and integrity, TICT is intensifying and diversifying its fight against corruption. TICT has always been committed itself to various anti-corruption research projects and activities with its partners in the anti-corruption community.
TI- Taiwan Mission: 
1. Raising awareness
To promote public awareness of corruption by developing anti-corruption education programs and social marketing campaigns.
2. Building coalitions
To set up a network between national and international organizations, where ideas and best practices of anti-corruption can be shared and exchanged.
3. Developing tools
To learn the anti-corruption strategies from local and international institutions, and develop investigative mechanisms for eradicating corruption. To cooperate with government, business and other non-governmental organizations in developing integrity standards for individuals and organizations.
4. Monitoring corruption
To construct a corruption perception index and measure the bribery index.
TI-Taiwan Vision
1.To enhance the cooperation with other TI chapters
2.To collaborate with civil organizations
3.To continue academic research on bribery
4.To promote social campaign against corruption